We are thrilled to announce the production of DISINHERIT THE WIND, written by the owner of The Complex Theaters, Matt Chait. The show has garnered sensational reviews from its first premiere run in 2015, and now has been reworked for this new opening on March 3rd!

What the critics are saying….

“One of the most compelling, riveting, spell binding shows to hit the stage. This is not just another play, this is something deeply extraordinary. It is one the most worthy and poignant plays to have ever been staged.”-EXAMINER.COM

“Fascinating stuff… professional and scintillating production! The production’s energy is like nothing I’ve ever quite felt before”-LA BEAT

“I have rarely seen an audience…. so quiet, so still, so attentive.” -BITTER LEMONS

Meet playwright Matt Chait, who will be playing the role of Bertram Cates. Matt Chait has appeared in over 100 plays on and off Broadway, at theaters including American Place Theatre, Cafe LaMama, Theatre IV, National Playwright’s Conference, Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Theatre Company of Boston, Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival and more. Recent credits include The Stories of I.L. Peretz, Chinese Coffee and the role of Leonato in Much Ado About Nothing. He has directed plays in Los Angeles and New York, including The Three Sisters, Assorted Sandburg, Tonight in Samarkand, Pizza Man and Forty-Two Seconds From Broadway. He taught acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and at UCLA, and taught private classes in Hollywood for fifteen years. In 1990, he purchased what was then the Richmond Shepard Theatre Studios and expanded that into The Complex. Matt is the recipient of a Charlie Award for contributions to the Hollywood Arts Community. Combining his passions for science (especially biology and physics) and spirituality, Chait blogs about the intersection of the two at Beyond Evolution: Is There God After Dawkins?(http://beyondevolutionistheregodafterdawkins.blogspot.com) Matt will open his one man show Understanding the Quantum at the Hollywood Fringe Festival next summer.

DISINHERIT THE WIND opens March 3rd!

In this riveting courtroom drama, a renowned neurobiologist sues a prominent university for the right to teach theories of evolution that challenge the scientific status quo, His argument: neo-Darwinian materialist thought has become, like the biblical orthodoxy it once replaced, itself a kind of religion — just as rigid, just as resistant to change. Might further scientific inquiry, in the light of new evidence, yield new and surprising answers? An inspiring and uplifting play of ideas that asks, “Are we really no more than the sum of our physical parts?”

Fri, Mar 03 – Sun, Apr 09
Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 3pm

$15 Preview
$25 General Admission
$15 Students with valid ID (Use promo code 005)

Special Show Info
Running time: 140 minutes.
There will be an intermission.

(323) 960-4412

Tickets available at www.plays411.com/disinherit

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