El Closet

El Clóset, a play about the Human Soul, to Perform Locally

El Clóset is a play that transcends language barriers into a universal story about transformation in a lifetime. Edgar Allan Poe vibrates at the walls of Luis Miguel Baker’s seedy apartment in Hollywood.  His wife, Christina, now his widow, comes from Beverly Hills with a mutual friend, Carlos, to investigate why he had this secret apartment in Hollywood, and why he committed suicide there. Could it be that he was with someone else there?   What will the real wife’s social circle say?

El Clóset will reveal the mysteries of this comedy with the help of Poe through some unusual events that happen in the lives of the characters.

The show has garnered attention since its debut early 2015 in Monterey Park, CA.

THE CLOSET by Anibal Aprile is a play in Spanish with English Super Titles produced by TEATRO ALEGRÍA Group, adapted and directed by Sergio Julián De Oliveira, with the assistance & co-production of Manuel Sicairos.

TEATRO ALEGRÍA Group, a theatre company based in Los Angeles, CA, is visiting the Complex Theatre in Hollywood with their acclaimed production of El Clóset.

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Sergio Julián De Oliveira was recently awarded by Senator Kevin De León, on behalf of the California State Senate, for his Outstanding Efforts to further art in the Hispanic Community through the Sociedad Internacional de Cultura.

For more information about El Clóset or TEATRO ALEGRÍA Group in general, please contact Sergio Julián De Oliveira at (310) 597-1767 or (310) 619-3122AlegriaProd1@gmail.com.


Friday, October 30th at 8PM

Saturday, October 31st at 3PM and 8PM

Sunday, November 1st at 2PM

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