Disinherit the Wind

5 Stars” This is not just another play, this is something deeply extraordinary. Disinherit the Wind is one of the most worthy and poignant plays to have ever been staged. It deserves 10 stars, but I am confined to maximum of but 5.” -The Examiner

” …a winning play, one with much to say to a great many people.” -Bitter Lemons

“An overall professional and scintillating production and performance alike! Direction by Caitlin Rucker and Matt Chait is seamless.” – LA BEAT



In the play ’Inherit The Wind,’ upon which this play is loosely based, the citizenry of a small town, described in that play as “the buckle on the Bible Belt,” felt threatened by the introduction of Darwin’s evolutionary ideas into their public school. This was the renowned Scopes Monkey Trial. It is now closing in on one hundred years since that famous case. Has neo-Darwinian materialist thought become a new kind of orthodoxy, just as rigid, just as resistant to change in the light of new information, just as self-protective, as the biblical orthodoxy that it replaced?
The play centers around a wrongful termination hearing in which Dr. Cates attempts to win back his position at the University.  It is anything but a dry scientific discourse.  It is very passionate and funny, and further complicated by the fact that his star witness is Howard Blair, the darling of the biochemistry graduate school who is practically engaged  to the daughter of the principal defendant, the chairman of the biology department at the University.

If you’ve ever wondered about the relationship between science and spirituality, you must see this play.

Starring: Ronnie Alvarez, Matt Chait, Erik Daniels, Christina Hart, Andrew Kirkley, Monica Martin, Amanda Payton, G. Smokey Campbell, Ken Stirbl and Circus-Szalewski.

Directed by Caitlin Rucker and Matt Chait, Produced by Christina Hart.

Tickets are available at www.plays411.net
or call 323.960.4420

$40 Opening Night 10/23 with reception, $25 General, $15 Students/seniors (use code 005)

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