Aylam Orian
Aylam Orian

For the first time in LA, former Lee Strasberg Institute archivist and “Method” expert Aylam Orian is offering a comprehensive class on “The Method”, and how it is used by great actors (and now you too!) to create exceptional performances on the stage and screen.


 The class will train you in:

• SCRIPT ANALYSIS: breaking down a script for the necessary info required to act it well.

• METHOD TECHNIQUE: Relaxation, Sense memory, Emotional Memory and more.

• PERFORMANCE PREPARATION: using the tools to create top-level performances.

• AUDITION PREPARATION: using the tools to prepare for and deliver outstanding auditions.

• ADLER & MEISNER: The Method vs the Stella Adler and Sandy Meisner techniques.

Contact us to audit a class:

Contact@themethodexpert.com  646-207-9984



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