About the Work Actors Studio with Murisa Harba


It’s About The Work.

Boxers Go To The Gym To Work Out.

Dancers Go To The Studio.

Where Do Actors Go?


ABOUT THE WORK is a group of students and fellow artists who meet once a week on Theatre Row to work on their craft. Simple as that.  Everything is individually based on your needs and wants. I want to know what you want/need to work on and make that happen for you.  It is important to me to create and maintain an environment that is supportive and safe so we, as artists, can feel comfortable to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones and do our best work on an ongoing basis..always stretching, always learning..

Every class starts with a full vocal and physical warmup so that we can approach the material from a place of openness.  Finding that neutral place and releasing unwanted tension is a necessary task before diving into the material. We explore every part of attacking a scene — as a cold read, having it for some time to make choices (audition style), getting in to the nitty gritty of it (conservatory style) and then performance in costume ready to be filmed.

We meet Tuesdays 3-6pm and Sundays 11-2pm in The VILLA  Studio at the Complex in Hollywood.

Let me know if you want to come by for a free audit.  All my audits work in class.  I feel it is important to try on the environment in its entirety before you deem it a fit.


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